Lulu Simmons, 19 Julian Hanlan, 23

Anonymous asked:

Whoa fuck me you're beautiful! I like your nose piercing. Not many can rock those but look at you perfecting it. So here's some random shit, what's the shortest you will ever cut your awesome hair?


Ahh thanks anon and I’ve always had short hair so I don’t want it anywhere near short I want professional extensions put it so bad

I remain stuck in a fantasy that only I can make true, yet for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it

I want to be blonde
I want to dance
I want to be rich
I want you to except it
I want you to know I’d be thinkin of you
I know it could help my money in the future
I miss it
I don’t care what people think
I love it and not the people just the feeling
I love feeling so powerful and sexy


gaiacxt / cool shit

Beachin it😍