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I feel ya, Also awesome for not believing in God. I stop believing when I was Junior in college.


What made you realize


= checking out all blogs that ask =

Just to sit in a room


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Believe me I don't! It makes me angry when Christians are judge mental and yell at others saying "YOURE GOING TO HELL IG YOU DONT BLAH BLAH" like God definitely doesn't want us to be spreading around negativity and yelling at them most likely won't make a difference or being rude about it. Everyone should accept everyone for who they are. It's sad, but believe me there are some kind Christians out there :)! Haha but do you and I've hoped you've had a wonderful day! 😘


😇😘 we’ll thanks for being such a good person I’m glad you’re atleast reasonable

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I get what you are saying, but I feel like this presence is beyond that! Lol as we are talking about this my clock just fell in my kitchen and broke in half.. Haha wtf. But any who I understand, you're more of reason and that's totally cool, I get that! But I have my own experiences to make me be 100% positive he's out there!


Well as long as you’re happy then that’s all that matters 😇just don’t ever think you were going to hell because there is no place